The user journey

We can be quite flexible with how the user journey pans out, but in essence we are collecting name/email from each player who takes part in the VR experience before they enter the game. Once inside the game they bat for two overs (12 balls) and try to score as many runs as possible.  They can get out as many times as they like within those 12 balls and we currently simply treat that as a dot ball, but we could easily implement a minus score for each time you get out.

Once you have completed your two overs the score is recorded in the database and is used on both the location/day based leaderboard (so a competition for who is the highest scorer at that location on that day) and the global leaderboard (all scores, everywhere, all summer). The resulting score is outputted to the screen and in game scoreboards (which show the highest scores and the last 10 innings on two different score boards).

Along with the on screen display the players score is then instantly available on the website and in the mobile app, ready for sharing on social media channels, as well as an email is sent to the user with the score they achieved. This email can be completely customised to include whatever information is necessary but should also contain details about the charity and sharing calls to action.

Finally at the end of the day’s play, and at the end of the campaign as a whole, prizes are giving to the winners.