Greenscreen capability

When the game is used as a walk-in experience at events it’s great to be able to show the player superimposed in the game on a big screen for the watching crowds. By using a green screen back drop the game can output a video stream that shows the player standing on the wicket with a virtual bat in their hand. From here the audience gets an umpire’s view of the game as they watch their friend try and hit the ball out of the ground with their virtual bat.

Events and Campaign Summary

Virtual Reality Cricket takes a VR cricket experience and builds a social campaign with a series of competitions around the summer of cricketing events.

This includes event specific (location and day) and national (all events over the summer) leaderboards you can see where you sits in the honours list and using connected social channels your experience can easily be shared on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Google+ and so on.

Imagine being higher in the leaderboard than Geoffrey Boycott? That would be worth telling people about, surely?

The campaign can be made up of the VR experience itself, set up on site at events, the website, mobile app and social media channels. Each person who plays the game will enter their name and email so they can be recorded on the leaderboards, enter the competition and be contacted after their game is over with scores/promotions/prizes/charity marketing emails etc…

Watching on the Big Screen

Although the actual experience of being inside the Virtual Reality cricket ground is one at a time (at least one person per stand) wider involvement can be encourage not just via social media but from large display screens at the time of playing.

An audience at the event can watch their friends/family/legends playing the game and the in game action displayed on a big screen, which shows their shots as well as scores and other metrics that add value to the experience. These can include:

  • Current player’s score
  • Previous 10 players scores
  • Location/Day leaderboard
  • Global National leaderboard
  • Bowling speed
  • Action replays

All this can be displayed the the collected audience around the event stand to encourage group participation.

Campaign Websites

The campaign website is the heart of the results and competition. The website will be fed live data from the games at the various events and display a variety of information, including:

  • National leaderboard – highest scores at any event over the summer
  • Event leaderboards – highest scores split by location and date
  • Ability to search for your score (and global position) by your email address
  • Longest sixes leaderboard
  • Total runs scored across all events
  • Total sixes hit across all events
  • Total money raised for charity (Chance to Shine)
  • Winners page – showing winner photos, scores and prizes for each event location/date
  • Photo gallery of people playing the game (including legends)
  • Social sharing functionality
  • Promotional video/About the campaign
  • Our twitter feed
  • Donate to charity button/link

The site is used to promote the game activity, competition winners and encourage social sharing, as well as providing a resource to explain what the campaign is all about.

Campaign Events Web Page

The ‘Events’ section of the website enables users who are currently at an event to find their local scoreboards by location and by day. So if they are attending a test match at Lords they can find the ground and view the highest scores on a day by day basis, see how their score is positioned against others, see what scores have won previous days and so on.

Users can also use the map to find previous events and see what scores have been achieved, who won the competitions, what prizes they won thereby giving them an idea of what score they might need to win on their day at the cricket.

Each scoreboard per event will have social sharing so you can share your score from the page, or share the whole scoreboard if you wish. A daily twitter feed would be included on each event page showing the latest tweets involving the game.

The user journey

We can be quite flexible with how the user journey pans out, but in essence we are collecting name/email from each player who takes part in the VR experience before they enter the game. Once inside the game they bat for two overs (12 balls) and try to score as many runs as possible.  They can get out as many times as they like within those 12 balls and we currently simply treat that as a dot ball, but we could easily implement a minus score for each time you get out.

Once you have completed your two overs the score is recorded in the database and is used on both the location/day based leaderboard (so a competition for who is the highest scorer at that location on that day) and the global leaderboard (all scores, everywhere, all summer). The resulting score is outputted to the screen and in game scoreboards (which show the highest scores and the last 10 innings on two different score boards).

Along with the on screen display the players score is then instantly available on the website and in the mobile app, ready for sharing on social media channels, as well as an email is sent to the user with the score they achieved. This email can be completely customised to include whatever information is necessary but should also contain details about the charity and sharing calls to action.

Finally at the end of the day’s play, and at the end of the campaign as a whole, prizes are giving to the winners.

Email results

As part of the event/arcade 2 over challenge mode the user gives their email address. This enables us to collect a database of emails for the people who have played and send them a branded success email at the end of their game, showing their score and number of sixes and fours.

This can then be shared on social media.

Social Sharing

Once a player receives their success email they can share their result on their social media accounts. This system can be customised to include mentions of specific hashtags or accounts.

Further customisation can automatically tweet every player’s score at the end of their go to a specific Twitter account and include their name, score and hashtag.

Event Setup

The Balls! VR Cricket Experience requires some specific equipment to prepare for an event. Equipment required includes;

  • HTC Vive Headset
  • 2 x HTC Vive Base Station (sensors)
  • Play area minimum of 2m x 3m (ideally 3m x 3m)
  • Windows PC with a minimum GX1090 Graphics Card
  • Keyboard, Mouse and Screen
  • Speakers (there is full audio available throughout all levels)

Ideally a large screen should be connected so an audience can view what the player is doing in the virtual reality environment. The spectator screen can be set up to use the view of the player themselves or an alternate spectator view.

The system can be setup in approximately 30 minutes.

Customisation can be included in the game to include automatic tweeting player scores, thank you emails, daily highest score boards and more.

Campaign Requirements

Depending on what level of integration and functionality is chosen there are certain deliverables that will be required for the campaign. These include:

  • Stand & VR game setup
  • Secure scores database
  • Database backup
  • Website design and development
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Social media accounts and hashtags
  • Facebook page
  • Email provider
  • Photo gallery with moderation
  • Promotional video
  • Website and database hosting
  • Link to charity donation website
  • Promotional assets
  • Internet connection at event locations
  • Health and Safety disclaimer
  • Staff to man stand, support kit and monitor/respond to social media